Monday, July 25, 2011

WMF Bronson James

I am surprised to still find different reasons to award my little blog title to someone. This one goes to Bronson James (It's his first and middle name), an 18-year-old man who really doesn't give a crap about crediting. Wanna see Criss Angels's Airtight? Observe!

It's not like he doesn't know any better. He knows, he says he knows it's Jay Sankey's effect. Here is a direct quote of him:
"like i said before in the comments i know it is but more people search for criss angel and not jay sankey ok just business"
So we are talking about a young man who willfully ignores the creator to get him views on YouTube. Why did he even bother to call it "Airtight" then? Wouldn't "Criss Angel's Awesome Balloon Trick" also do the trick?

This is really interesting. A young man, takes a routine that isn't his, omits to mention the creator, getting himself views with a name that promises a great bunch of clicks. Is the view count everything nowadays?

I remember that one magicians, who actually thinks, he is popular with the YouTube crowd because his video got many clicks.

Also rereading the comment of Bronson... "ok just business" what business? Does he think he can make a business doing such crappy magic? Is he referring to the fact that YouTube asks to advertise, once the video gets 5000 views? And is he planning to get rich from the few clicks?

I don't get it. Can somebody point me in the right direction to I may see the issue from a different point of view?

So we got Bronson James a musician/magician who adorns oneself with borrowed plumes. That is nothing new. But to willfully falsifying credits is new. Not mentioning any creator I would have gotten. But dragging Criss Angel on board, who to my knowledge never performed Airtight is a new class. By the way: David Copperfield would make much more sense as he did perform the effect.

AND now... let's do what I usually do over at the Daily Card Trick.

Airtight by Jay Sankey

Richard's Almanac by Richard Kaufman
The Collected Almanac (Vol.1 No.15)
Page 137 et seq.

Sanky Panky by Richard Kaufman
Page 106 et seq

Personal Comment: Starts as the usual pick and sign a card trick. But it gets weird quickly. Encasing the deck with a balloon is really something the audience reacts to greatly. Then pulling out the signed selection from the balloon without harming the balloon is great. But then handing out the balloon and the deck... we are talking about a finisher to a card act. I really like it. Also it's a nice way to get rid of your old incomplete decks.

Difficulty: 2/5


Trickster said...

And a terrible performance of it as well.
Truly dreadful.

darkstar said...

Fame in the modern age I guess.

Good news is no one ever asks in the real world, so we get all the credit of course. You'd think online these kids would tip the hat a little least to the right creator.

Kid is making mad bank at 2.50 every 1,000 clicks. Bitches and money Roland....2011 style.

anonymousmagic said...

Adding insult to injury, he also used copyrighted music which got blocked, so you can't even hear what he's saying. I hope the as seen on "The Weekly Magic Failure" doesn't get him too many more hits...

S.W.Erdnase said...

For commercial ends? I wonder who ever wants to see utter garbage like that..

Stijn Hommes said...

Not many people, I expect. Despite his efforts, the video hasn't gone viral yet.

Barry Solayme said...

He needs to learn subtlety when it comes to internet marketing. I've wrote all about it in "Barry Solayme's Bible of Internet Marketing" $54.99 from all good bookstores!


LokI-Kross said...

Why does Criss look like Billy Mays?

Arun said...

Ironically enough, you just got him more hits ;)

amazingendofstory said...

shut up. he is the best. you people cant even wipe your own butts without your momma.

Roland said...

So your point is? Please argue for or against the arguments, not for or against people.

Patrick O'Riley said...

BJ is also arrogant, and extremely rude to anyone who posts anything other than total ass kissing of his videos. He's just a little Criss Angel wannabe douche bag!

mark anderson said...

I think everyone is completely making up their own opinions without facts. I've read his comments saying his videos are just advertisement for the town he lives in and people see them and hire him for shows. So I really dont think he cares who he credits because the people hiring him dont care as well. Also he hasnt dont magic videos in awhile which makes me think he really was just doing it for a business. Must be successful though look at the cars he has in his new videos