Saturday, July 23, 2011

Have another one... and one more!

Adopting to new technology is always something that any people struggles with. The internet has definitely changed our social life. Everything can be and found within seconds. "How does the Zarrow Shuffle work? Let me google that!" A few seconds later I find a tutorial.

And as much as this blogger hates exposure, he knows that somehow he has to learn to live with this. (Referring to me as "this blogger" and speaking of myself in third person is a technique I stole from Andrew. Just google it!)

Seriously... I know a whole bunch of older magicians who are telling you the same story over and over. "In my days we had no access to the magic. I spend two years to save up for the Tarbell Course in magic. I had to drive to the big town to get my fist pack of Bicycles. I had to work for my knowledge. I had to beg and pay older magicians to share their secrets with me."

All of that is true. So I get the frustration when today, you don't have to move your lazy ass to know everything about magic.

But herein lies hope. The sheer abundance of magic knowledge is way too much too handle by anyone. They read about the "Convincing Control" learn it and move on to the next thing, without even exploring its possibilities. So you can still fool them, you can still be better.

This is true for all sorts of knowledge. Take a look around. There are step by step instructions and tutorials on just about anything. How to paint, how to play guitar. And you can watch all of these for free. If you take a brush or a guitar you will realize that it isn't that easy. And that you need to work.

So there might be dozens of really good tutorials out there on teaching you how to do the Retention of Vision vanish. But if you can do it properly, you can still fool people with it. And if you change the coin for something else you are almost reseting the thing.

Here, have another secret, and another one, and another one, and another one, and another one. How about another one? Oh, btw, do you still remember the second secret I told you about.... oh wait, here is another one. More than you can swallow, more than you can possibly digest. Yet your hunger for secrets makes you eat up every single piece of shit that we feed you. Here is another secret. It's shit, but you can't tell the difference from the good stuff that you know. And another one.

I grew up in East Germany. My childhood was characterized by a socialist regime. I was a Young Pioneer and the Thälmann Pioneer. And living under such regime was much different. A lot of political information were not available and were suppressed. Later the wall came down and Germany was reunited. Suddenly information was there in abundance. And that's when I learned a truth. If you wanna keep an information from spreading, you can either suppress it OR you can publish it with many, many more information. That way it is really hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.

The internet is a social phenomenon, as well as a technological achievement. It's not gonna go away. The secrets are all out. We have to learn to live with that. I chose to nominate those who do the spoiling and award them my little blog title. Also I keep performing my magic. I do little changes here and there, to hide my methods. I use old and proven techniques in creative new ways, (A shuttle pass can be used as a vanish.) I love the internet with all it brings.

I wonder what the kind of new technology will be that I will be pissed at when I am old. Imagine they discover magic! Boy, that will put us out of business!

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Tomsk192 said...

Wow. I would be fascinated to hear more about magic in Germany pre Glasnost. Beautiful post.