Friday, July 22, 2011


I am not kidding as I write this. The video below is actually much more entertaining than the ultra stylish T11 clips. I get a kick out of this. Clearly a rehearsal video from a man that loves magic. It clearly fails in the skill/showmanship/editing department, but watching that I get a sense of honesty that I miss so dearly is so much magic I watch. There is effort and thought in the routine. Perfect grandpa magic.

There is certainly not enough magic understanding in the routine to persist compared to the pros, but certainly love and enthusiasm for magic. And that is what magic should be about. This my friends... is a spark that is still glowing.

Check out John's channel there are more "gems" like that.


Andrew Musgrave said...

Hey, slightly heavy breathing aside, so long as it elicits the "How the Hell...?" reaction, he did his job.

I'm throwing him up on ye olde. Great find, Roland!

reverend gaddy said...

haha! this guy rocks my world! those "silks" never knew what hit 'em!