Wednesday, March 2, 2011

WMF Dana Fleming

It is always interesting to know why an experienced magician, like Dana Fleming exposes magic. Why? Really why? What interest could an experienced, full time working magician from Virginia have to raise another generation of competing magicians? Is it about wanting to teach? If so why does anyone want to teach?

I think it is to show off. To show that you are cooler than the rest by being to able to pull of certain sleights. Maybe you don't get enough credit for your skill, that needs to be hidden. After all that is the nature of magic.

Like this:

Dana Fleming may want to teach magic. But this is just exposure. How do I know this? Well, he is also one of the moderators (name: magick) of Learn Magic Tricks Forum the biggest magic exposure forum in the world. (Owned by David Castle) So that alone removes any doubt in my mind that he has "serious" motifs.

Kind of said, that Dana Fleming doesn't get enough recognition that he "has" to get that sort of fame. Dana... here is one thing you can be proud of. This weeks magic failure award is yours.


Alcyon said...

What the Hades!? If one is going to do cigarette magic: smoke!! The plucking of lit cigarettes is a big part of the magic. And if one is to give a tutorial on cigarette magic a very light background is a poor choice to perform against. Good choice for WMF Roland.

Justin said...

Heh. Kinda looks like Louis CK.

Jerrine said...

So many little time.

dana "magick" fleming said...

thanks for your interest..... i just wanted to make something simple to share with a few friends and fellow geeks.... i have had about 50 people ask where to get the fake cigs and cigars.... maybe john rogers will get a little business... it's

eric durant said...

I like the video. Guys this is our art , if someone is going to teach why not learn. Question,is it" exposure" when it free? but if he put a 30.00 price tag on it. He would be considered a good buisness man. Thanks Magick