Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WMF Christopher Wayne

Christopher Wayne is an Australian magicians who calls himself a "Celebrity Magician". And he is this week's magic failure. Why? Exposure! But not on the Internet, but on national television.

This might be beginners stuff, but it still is unacceptable. Millions of viewers now know about the back palm. If he had exposed something of his own I wouldn't mind, but this is not his to expose. I assume that Christopher Wayne wouldn't call it exposure but teaching to inspire a new generation of magicians. Bullshit!

The sad thing is this. He actually is a decent magician with the ability to entertain a crowd of people even in the rain.

He doesn't even need to resort to exposure. So why?


Ryan said...

As a beginning magician who has spent hours and hours studying Jeff Sheridan's course because I have fallen in love with card productions, vanishes, and backpalming I am pissed off even more than usual at this guy. Plus How the hell does someone who has been doing magic for under a year like myself have a way better looking backpalm production than him and I can backpalm about 12 at my current skill?

niki_amber said...

If you were so concerned about Chris & his exposure then why would you go and post his you tube videos? You are condradicting yourself by exposing him even more. Chris uses magic to inspire children and build confidence. A simple backpalming card trick. You don't see him going out and exposing the stright jacket trick. Ryan- I'm 30 and could figure out a basic card trick... I don't need to spend hours studying a's basic logic. der. Chris can save you many hours of learning by just clicking on one of those you tube videos above...or chuck on toast tv and get your little deck of cards out and compare yourself with higher talent.

Ryan said...

As someone who does logic for a living in a philosophy department, I'll say this: you don't know what the hell you're talking about, especially when it comes to basic logic. He's violating the Oath, any so-called good consequences resulting from his actions (i.e. helping children) are morally irrelevant when the act itself is morally impermissible (i.e. breaking his promises). That's basic Kantian ethics and basic ethics in most ethical systems. Now that I've shown I'm better at logic and ethics than you, I'm probably better at card manipulation than you too. I choose to support magicians like Sheridan who take time to teach things like card productions and vanishes that are advanced and hard to figure out on one's own and aren't even available on youtube. I refuse to go on Youtube and get for free things that aren't peoples' to give away as that would violate the Categorical Imperative and my ethics.

Your notion of getting something for free being better than paying someone who develops something or supporting a magic shop shows how morally backward you are. One would think by 30 you would have developed a real ethical code or something rather than being a patronizing moron who just got made to look stupid by someone many years their junior just because their junior is a symbolic logician and ethicist working on a paper for peer review on ethics and the magician's code and therefore isn't completely ignorant. See, when you say patronizing crap like "little deck of cards" I'm in my right to make fun of how damn stupid you are.

P.S. The reason it takes me hours to learn a good production or vanish? Because I want it to look GOOD and ENTERTAINING. There's more to learning than just a "move". I have to make it entertaining and have showmanship, I have to make it fool the audience. I could backpalm like Chris shows in less than 15 minutes of practice. Sheridan and others made it actually entertaining and good magic. Children can learn and be inspired by reading books from the library like I did as a kid when I dabbled before I got serious about magic a little under a year ago.