Friday, March 11, 2011

What a bunch of...

Man Craig Petty & David Penn are just pathetic. In the most recent Wizard's review they go all out saying how professional they are.

Both get all over Helder Guimaraes' disclaimer on his DVD called Red Mirror. (at the 4 minute mark) Basically Helder said that he wishes that the routines on the DVD are not just copied but instead understood as inspiration to create great card magic yourself. Craig and David go all out on the fact that you cannot do the routines due to the disclaimer and what is the point then of the DVD. Craig then says that he would like to do the routines but he cannot. What a moron!

Seriously. I have never done a routine that I saw on a video exactly the same way. I always see it as an inspiration. And so does EVERY professional. No professional has the desire to copy an entire routine. Helder certainly understood that. Therefore the disclaimer is nothing more than a plea to be more fucking professional. But Craig doesn't understand this.

So the DVD gets a low rating by David because of the disclaimer. Damn... just like a little kid.

Well at least we are in the same boat about Michael P. Lair who does a wonderful job selling the same idea over and over again. Kudos to both of you tearing Mr. Lair a new one!

Again... David and Craig seem to love gimmicks. Craig seems to think that gimmicks make up good coin magic. David doesn't even know the name of the plots of the effects he is reviewing. Both are not professionals but kids trapped in a grown body and they love toys and hate anything that prevents them from playing with their toys and for some weird reason they are able to generate money doing reviews of magic products that they certainly don't have sufficient knowledge nor wisdom to do.

And should one of the guys read this: Professionals don't copy other peoples tricks without adding and taking away from it making it their own. If you have the desire to do a trick they way it is taught you certainly are not a professional...

WAIT... it has just come to my attention. The word professional has a different meaning in Germany than in the English speaking countries. In the English language a professional only refers to making money with it. It has nothing to do with "how good" you are doing so. In German "Profi" means that you are good with it. Even though you might not make money doing so. In that case... I take all of it back.

Craig and David are professionals. They are just bad professionals. Any good amateur is way above them.


Bizzaro. said...

From my understanding they are professional kids magicians.

Might explain a bit.

KiKeNiCo said...

Well, I'm glad someone called out like that M.P.Lair, because the Drink thing is hideously crappy...But they do show a lack of knowledge, information and understanding for the most part, specially in the close-up theme. You can't reduce close up to restaurant/bar magic so making anything that needs tempo and a table a bad thing. Guimaraes is a classic performer for formal situations, not your casual urban juggler, so are his routines. And the hell with them if they think it's bad because he ADVISES (doesn't forbid) you to develop your magic from his...But I guess you can't expect much rom someone who thinks Morelli is the new Tommy Wonder.

Christopher said...

Yes very pathetic. I have never enjoyed watching these guys, and im surprised they were not here earlier. They are just looking for money and popularity. and you can do the tricks. just change it up a bit. make it your own, like every other magician should. you can learn some plots, i dont know what they are called, but u can learn them hahaha. and i agree with you about loving their toys

Alcyon said...

Well nobody else said it, so I will: your first understanding of the word professional is correct. While it certainly does mean that the activity is providing income, it also, generally, speaks to the quality of the work and how it is carried out. So, carry on Roland!

Their veritable evisceration of Lair was pretty funny and on the mark, though.

The Smiling Mule said...

Just discovered this post. This comment pretty much sums them up, doesn't it

"what's the point in buying it just to be inspired?"