Sunday, March 27, 2011

Just A Sunday Post #88

I am moving today, so this post was actually written yesterday... Well anyway, as I was packing my magic stuff I found a box of magic stuff that I haven't used in all those years, yet I kept it for some strange reason. It took a deep breath and then I dumped the whole box into the trash.

As it was falling I saw glimpses of stuff that I used as a beginner. Weird brass tubes with colored sticks. A coin (actually an old D-Mark) with a slit in it. A pen and a matching pen that was slightly bend. Many, many playing cards. Gaffed cards with shit glued to it. Lot's of rubber bands and a nice hollow needle with a hole on its side. Then a few really badly rotten sponge balls and few packet tricks (Star Gazer, Gypsy Monte) a CD with Music that I used for my linking ring routine and much more... man I won't miss any of that.

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The Magician's Assistant said...

I would have kept the CD....