Friday, March 4, 2011

The ShockWave

So Peter Loughran has done it again

40 seconds before the video gets to the point,
intuitive solution is the modus operandi,
not new, as Robert Houdin even did something like that (even using electricity)
choppy movements telling everyone what is going on,
big fat suspicious board
*sigh* why does he even try?

just two hundred bucks...

Or you strap a magnet to your knee. Works with any surface, full control and way cheaper.

PS: Is that grin considered being smug?


Kind Of Magic said...

It would have been better if instead of a car, he had a little clay figure, a little man or something, that then started taking steps towards the selected card.

Einmaliger said...

This guy is the Uwe Boll of magic creators.

Justin said...

Einmaliger wins.

Anonymous said...

Why in Gods name would you tip the board up to prove all was okay...thereby drawing attention to said board...if nobody had noticed the bloody monstrosity beforehand.

What a load of junk

Magic Unlimited said...

If it was a table it could work

KiKeNiCo said...

"If it was a table it could work"

If it was not such a crappy item, it would. You can fuse it with your working table and cover it with a cloth or something, but the workings and overall quality are pretty smmuch lame. Just think of this: he thought it up, he built it up, he made the demo and he edited it...and still looks like crap...

Big J said...

Wow, this is funny...not the prop, but the comments. The video is a DEMO for MAGICIANS to illustrate versatility. Do you really think anyone who would buy this would actually do something like that in performance? Too bad you "haters" can't figure that out. "Big fat board?" I've seen many close up workers work with either mats which are larger or padded boards which are bigger than shockwave. "Strap a magnet to your knee?" Please. I work standing up so I think I'll just put on my PK glove when I want to get telekinetic.
BTW, I didn't order one. Despite that, Loughran sold out of the first 100 already.