Monday, March 14, 2011

Buba and Buka

You have come across this right? This is Buka from Russia. (To my knowledge he doesn't live anymore)

But did you know that he was the lesser half of Buba (also not among the living anymore) and Buka? Both were from St. Petersberg. Here is Buba:

Now you know what place magic has compared to juggling. Remember that next time you make an indifferent card turn into the selection expecting to be treated like a god among men.


darkstar said...

Buka may be my new ring tone. That is catchy. Aiek! yama feeehhh sho mawwww yooooooowww Aiek!

Tribun said...

Thanks for sharing this great and inspiring videos! :)

Alcyon said...

Watching Buka brings to mind the subject of exposure in magic. As a mere dabbling hobbyist I come across explanations of various moves; when I watch someone who has mastered an effect I'm always fooled. Maybe because I want to be fooled?

I can't believe that someone who has watched Chris Wayne teaching the back palm, studied a YouTube teenager demonstrating his French Drop, etc., will be any less amazed by watching Buka.

I understand the concern about exposure, and I don't work for money in front of what could be a crowd of smart-alecks, but I wonder if it's as big an issue as some would have it: over to you Roland.

Brad said...

History fun fact:

The hat and cigar being kicked and caught is the creation of famous movie star and vaudeville juggler WC Fields and was published in a book by magician PT Selbit. I do not know if he used the cane too, or not.

I remember first time I saw that thinking, that's impossible. I have only seen one other juggler perform that stunt - at Teatro Zin Zani in SF.