Sunday, March 20, 2011

Just A Sunday Post #87

I get a laugh out of this one. And maybe you do too.

That you Aaron Ducker for making this one.


azzanator_90 said...

Also Be sure to check out
Episode 2 (not realy on magic):

And episode 3(My take on rolands old friend Brad Jackson from Pumaskills):

Felix said...

I find this fellow doing the vids to be very entertaining.

azzanator_90 said...

@ Felix, Thankyou sir, I do try to do something amusing with the content.

I think if I make a 4th Episode, I'm going to do it on the "Howcast" magic revealed things, they're so terrible, but it'd be funny, to make a Revealer's Revealed pisstake in their style (Things you need... Optional items: Self respect)

azzanator_90 said...

Also since we're here, for a little more entertainment here is my parody of the Killerspies MEME that was popularised by Penguin Magic:

You may spot a few familiar faces in there

Magnus Asbjorn said...

I like this vid, I like it so much I'm stealing for my blog. Also that wackjob from the second vid is something else.