Tuesday, March 22, 2011

List Time

If you are a layperson (that is the common magician's term for normal person) and you don't know if the performer in front of you is a magician, here are a few tips to spot him.

1. Wear shiny vests
2. And Bow tie
3. Carry a deck of cards
4. Have a piece of silk sticking out of the breast pocket
5. Have a cocky attitude, overblown ego
6. Attire that messes up your gaydar
7. Sweatshirts with tribal stuff on it (so 2004)
8. Childlike behaviour
9. Own sponge bunnies
10. Showing you a trick, even though you said you don't like magic
11. Pockets, Pockets, Pockets... all full
12. Low self esteem
13. Rolling their eyes as you mention Criss Angel or Harry Potter
14. Will use the term "cutting edge" a lot
15. "Pick a card, any card"
16. He shows his empty hands a lot
17. Blows against his fist
18. Male, often alone
19. Will automatically try to get you to make love to him if you are female (close up)
20. Will automatically try to get you to make love to him if you are male (stage)
21. Hates jugglers and says how overblown their ego is,
22. Will use stock jokes and pop references (perferably from the 80's)
23. Has a bunny or playing cards printed on the business card
24. IBM has a totally different meaning to him
25. Owns fake body parts
26. Loves to tear apart other magician's acts, even spoil the method
27. Thinking they got a mission to free the world from charlatans
28. Knows the difference between mentalism and mental magic
29. Can name 30 magicians instantly
30. Has a real job