Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Hello YouTube

I know that it isn't YouTube's fault, that Germans cannot watch any video with copyrighted music in the video. But would you at least still let me watch the video in silence. If the audio track is copyrighted by fucking SONY, UMG or whomever at least let me see the video part of the video. Also there is no way to tell if the claim that content belongs to a certain big nameless company is just. As I cannot see anything except this pathetic "we are sorry" screen.

I am basically forced to use proxy shit in order to watch a minute of card magic. All because the maker of the video was too lazy to speak and because the German GEMA asks for 12 cents per video. Which is ridiculously high. Understandably YouTube said "Fuck You" to the GEMA and simply made copyrighted content unable to be consumed via regular means in Germany.

And this gets out of hand quickly. Let me explain. I was watching a video. Ten minutes of a busker doing his act. In the video in the background there was a pop song playing, for a few seconds, in no relation to the act. Regular street noise. The next day I tried to show the video to a friend and I couldn't watch it as fucking UMG claimed they own the content in the video. They owned fucking nothing.

Again it is not YouTube's fault, but at least let me watch the video.


n3o said...

I will never understand why they nitpick on stuff like that.
I once tried to find the legal way to put music in one of my videos, as if I was willing to pay. Well... if you never tried just do it because it leads the poor end user, consummer (the one that gladly take your money from for buying crap music cd anyways), TO NOWHERE. that's just impossible (in France). Ranting over too

Magnus Asbjorn said...

Just after youtube went all corprate and started dealing with this. If a video had a copyrighted soundtrack. They just turned off the sound and put a little note under the video as to why. I guess that wasn't good enough for sony.