Thursday, March 24, 2011

To Further Expand Your Magic Horizon #01

Here is a bit of magic wisdom for you guys:

If you do magic with coins, you must use your own.
If you do magic to coins, you must not use your own.


azzanator_90 said...

And whats more, don't use those "hand crafted metalic disks" that people are selling for $100 with a little purse and a shell, use real currency, its more organic and works way better.

Anonymous said...

love it.

also dont use those artifact coins on ellusionist. cant you write a blog about that epic fail? how to take an ordinary object and make it look gimmicky lesson in a nutshell..

precision! stealth!! i mean wtf

Anonymous said...

talking about coin magic. Have you guys seen the new Worldmagicshopreview?
In it it says: at first i didnt like it. then i saw the method and i thought: this is clever

magicians thinking right there haha