Friday, March 18, 2011


Did a little research (that means I googled him)

Joe Power

Question for you guys: Is he just a con man or deluded enough to buy his own story?


Anonymous said...

He is a conman. Derek Ogilvie, Sylvia Brown are also conmen. Some are deluded though. But not them :)

Anonymous said...

Turned a bit nasty when Derren Brown did a documentary with him that didn't show him in a flattering light.

A complete and utter con man in my opinion...he knows what he's doing is fake make no mistake.

azzanator_90 said...

if he were psychic, why book a gig he had to cancel.. should have seen that coming! my favorite part is the poster "No ordinary medium" thank christ, i'm tired of those bland old regular run of the mill people conversing with the dead, its SO DULL AND EVERYDAY.

But yeah, i'm making a psychic prediction... I'm joe power mind, wait i see something, I can't make it out tho, Joe Power's mind is to clouded with shit to make any sense, wait i got it, i see a dollar sign in his minds eye!