Monday, May 25, 2009

WMF Magician Dave J. Castle, Ph.D.

If you are a magician, that respects the rules and etiquette of the magic community, you probably have never heard of Dave J. Castle. A young man with a dorky look going and a dark secret. He is also founder and president of A website dedicated to spoil every magic secret that is out there. Everyone can send in a video of a tutorial and it will end up on the website eventually. The videos are hosted by Youtube and Revers.

So I made up the Youtube user "thewmf" and created some fake videos with tutorials. And I submitted the "Simple Quick Card Trick" to appear on Dave's website. So wait for it.

Does this hurt magic? Well maybe not as much as most magicians would think, but still. This is organized spoiling. 

Most of the guys spoiling the magic and no older than 13 years. And the way they demonstrate the moves makes me think they are into magic for 2-3 weeks. Raising yet another generation of people who think magic is easy and the secrets are just out there for free and not the result of hard work and creativity. Well done Dave. You deserve to be WMF.

Not done by me, but an honest summary of what I feel. Listen! (contains strong language)


KiKeNiCo said...

Well, that quick trick is neat...but how come you did not submit the utterly awesome palm control?! Because that's among the best controls I've ever seen in my life...oh, and you even control the card too...You filthy magician!;)

Roland said...

haha, thank you. I had 20 minutes to make those. Didn't put much thinking into those.

KiKeNiCo said...

"This is the ATFUS, it was developed by a guy named Ed Marlo; you don't have to remember his name: it's just some card dude who lived...nah, I think it's dead so it's OK to steal his material..."

"The tilt [...] you can use a faint, a sublety by Daryl Martinez...also a guy you probably should not remember"

"It's really really easy: you can teach a layman in about...2 hours"

You make me crack every time man. Keep it up!

Roland said...

Glad you like it. But I am looking forward to seeing more fake videos appear on that site. So if you feel ready.... do it.

Roland said...

I actually deleted the Ace video. I felt it was too much exposure.

MrGreggy said...

It seems the site is gone, no more, ceased to be, extinct, it is an ex site.

Roland said...

I just loaded the website, it worked fine... too bad