Monday, May 11, 2009

WMF Chris "Orbit" Brown is Woot Monkey (revoked)

I case you never came across Chris Brown,you are really missing something. A car salesman gone magic. Yeah he is that good. Talking about a magic product that is 20% off if you order NOW... (actually offer is only good for 24 hours or if the item runs out)

It is so good to see the age-old tradition of Hustlers sweep into magic more than ever. Telling me that I can buy a certain product RIGHT NOW 20% off. That is so cool. I do not feel pressured at all.

His magic is decent... that proves that the way he advertises magic is what we need. Too many of us are tired of reading the description on a website. Because reading is hard.

So it might seem weird at first glance that he advertises a book, but this is genius. A video advertisement for a book, for people who do not want to read, to let them buy the book that they are not going to read. That is how a business makes money. And as we all know, a business first interest is to make money, not to make costumers happy.

I really want to buy that car now.

When will magic be sold like that on TV?

Edit: He is no longer WMF, as all the claimes are no longer true. Turns out it was just a "phase" in his magic life. Cool!


Portland Magician said...
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Roland said...

Well thank you for your kind words. If you have a wtf... oh sorry a wmf to offer: tell me!