Sunday, May 10, 2009

Wanna Candy?

Steven Youell answered to that post in the Magic Cafe. " I tried to e-mail the owner of the blog asking him to take the picture down (not the critique) but the e-mail got bounced back..."
I am not quite sure what email he used, my email is If spam comes through, so should Steven Youell.

Jonathan Miller wrote: "The Internet has always been about anonymously making fun of other people and saying outlandish things that you would never say in person to someone."
True, but not in this case. I make no big deal of who I am. My name is Roland, I am a German magician (That might explain all the "many grammar errors" that abc pointed out.)

But before this turns unfunny:

This works best for children.

Effect: A sealed prediction is shown and put in a place, where nobody can touch it. Then wrapped candy is tossed out for all the kids to eat. After they had their sweet meal you mention, that one of the candies was poisoned by you before the show. So one kid now has poison in the blood. You open the prediction and it reads: "Tobias will die a horrible but sweet death!" Seconds later Tobias drops down dead.

Method: I suggest choosing the most annoying kid to die. One of the wrapped candies is gimmicked with 140 mg of potassium cyanide. (That makes sure the kid dies, but not too fast as not to destroy the pacing of your show.) Have the gimmicked candy marked in a way so you can tell the difference. Make your prediction and start tossing out the candy. Make sure that the kid that is going to die (and your ticket to hell) gets the poisoned candy. The rest is just selling.

Afterthought & Disclaimer: Some people might not want to see a kid die on stage, even if it is a really annoying one, so the following alternative may be suggested: Don't have a poisoned candy, but one that changes the tongue colour (e.g. blue). Same effect, but not as strong.

By the way, make the force as convincing as possible. Maybe let them reach into a jar, having the gimmicked candy palmed. As you approach the kid that gets the gimmicked candy you just drop it into the jar, so it is the uppermost. Chances are good he picks that one. If not go around a second time.

Not to forget, this is extremely funny, when the reveal of the "magic" is that all the kids push out their tongues.


Xylo said...

I think my three favourite cafe replies were:

(within an hour)
Andi Peters
"I don't think it helps the art for magicians to be knocking magicians.
Mods, any chance you could remove this link? "

Ben Train
"...I get the distinct impression that it is being run by someone with limited magic experience...and little sense."

"Well I guess that is what you get when one can post online with no control over content. You are free to say what you want..."

There ought to be a law against it!

Roland said...

Yeah I liked the later one. Free to say what I want. I got a right to free speech. Let's abandon that.

Matt Sedlak said...

"Jonathan Miller" here:

My name is Matt. I'm an American magician. I don't really make a secret of who I am but still fairly anonymous when I post of the cafe. I'm not knocking you though. I used to visit sites like 4chan before it was "cool" and filled with all kinds of newfaggotry so I think stuff like this is still pretty mild. Honestly though I think you could make it more funny but it's just starting so we shall see! GL

Roland said...

Sure this is pretty mild. But if you look back at funny stuff like the Magic Circle Jerk, you also saw the bad side of things. People didn't take him seriously. Some did, but most of them just thought he was mean spirited and bad.

I am not mean spirited. At least I hope not. Actually I do not even try to badmouth others. I am trying to tell the truth. And among magicians this is kind of a hard thing to do. Because we are taught to respect one another.