Wednesday, May 20, 2009


For those of you that do the Cannibal Cards. You could have a small piece of a card being spit out in the cause of the routine. That wouldn't make it any more difficult but add to the presentation. Just a thought and probably already out there.

Doing a magic set is like doing sex. You got a foreplay, to see what everyone likes, then you get down to serious business and pick up speed, thrusting the magic back and forth until everyone reaches the climax and the magic happens.
What a weird metaphore, but it fits. There is even a "cigarette after"-trick.
Most magic performances lack the climax. Not the climax of the effects, but a climax of the show. Leaving the audience unsatified. Don't be a bad lover.
Realizing that helps to get the act together. It helps to know when to pick up speed, and when to stop talking and when to get to the point.

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