Friday, May 15, 2009

Mike's Master Mentalism

Going back to this post I found another gem of him. Look at his Master Mentalism and cry. He claims his name is Ryan Clark. But looking at the affiliate page reveals his name to be Ryan Even. I do not know what to think. To me his name is Mike. If somebody can tell me his true identity I would be happy to know.

But this time let us dig a bit into the great advertisement.

"You'll go even further, faster, if you already have some experience. Until now, this sought-after pro only shared his "learn it now, blow away other magicians and mentalists tonight" secrets of mind-blowing mentalism and killer super-freak magic tricks with a handful of lucky pros who could afford his outrageous fees...

Now, with the sudden release of this incredible information, you can take your magic and mentalism skills from wherever you are now to respected mega-skilled star status in a stunningly short time.

Best of all, you can check it all out for FREE if you like."

Wow, what a load of words. "Super-freak", "mind-blowing", "mega-skilled" all magic buzz words. Makes me think this guy actually knows a bit about magic. At least enough to exploit it.

But here is the best part: "Mr. X" is the go-to guy when professional magicians have a television special or a stage show coming up and they need to quickly develop some new material for their show. (He's been called the "secret weapon" behind the coolest shows ever done.) And he's freaking expensive, too. Superstars will delay the start of a new show until "Mr. X" has time to go over the details with them. So you know he has vision, wicked skills, and a cunning "bag of tricks" that keep him at the top of the game."

Let me think for a second. So Daniel Garcia is Mr. X? I think not.

"But he's also one of the most hated guys around. Let's face it... Not everyone in the industry appreciates "Mr. X" sharing the secrets behind their skills with people like you. If they could, they would lock "Mr. X" up someplace where no "civilians" could ever find him. This is why he refused to release this material without using an alias (which is why he's only referred to as "Mr. X")... "

What a load of crap.

"...But he also believes that "the elite LA, Las Vegas, New York & London crowd" shouldn't be the only ones that have access to these powerful insider secrets."

No I am not going into this. Too much, overload.... cannot compute.


Here a way to get into coin magic...

Have a coin finger palmed in the left hand. "Look, I have a very special coin right here" and pretend to hold a coin visible at your fingertips in your left hand (which is ironic because there is a real coin right there)

"It is special, because only smart people can see it. You can see it, right?" pointing with the empty right hand to anybody in the audience.

Then the right hand opens wide to show it's emptiness once again and pretends to grab the left hand invisible coin, but grabs the real one. "But if I turn the coin around, only dumb people can see it," The turning motion is acted out and the coin is actually displayed and put back in the left hand (same position as the invisible coin before)

The right hand goes up to the beard in a pondering motion "Or was it the other way around?"


hardik said...

I somehow stumbled across your website. The idea is ok. But demeaning magicians in public isn't the way to go. Sure, you can spoof and use banter for fun, but come on.. When lay people stumble across the 'Youell post',it doesn't really set a good example of a magician in their eyes.

Magicians are a very different and elite group of people, if I dare call them. Sure we have our dirty little secrets. But to the audience we're the charming guy/girl who can produce in them the sensation of joy,fear,love,astonishment and happiness. Magicians are special. Even though some magicians dare not call magic an 'art', well.. it really doesn't matter. Because the entertainment we provide is unique to us. Nobody can replicate it. Not even the kids on Tube.

If you're serious about this website, I recommend you have the visitor answer a preliminary question to confirm they have a slight idea about magic. Anything would do.. like Looch's website.. or so many other magic websites..

Keep up the good work..

Roland said...

If I understand you correctly you say, that I shouldn't be doing it, because laypeople might get a bad image towards magicians?

Honestly. Magicians already have a bad image among laypeople. And they fully deserve it. For torturing the audience with bad tricks, bad presentation and worst of all questionable motifs to do magic to begin with.

I think, that if a layman would stumble across this blog, chances are not pretty high he/she will read it. And if this person did, at least he/she would get a more honest picture of what is going on in the magic community.

You say "But to the audience we're the charming guy/girl who can produce in them the sensation of joy,fear,love,astonishment and happiness." well that is more an image of a magician YOU would like to have. And that is good. But not true.

Most magicians do not perform. And half of the performing magicians are just bad. (be it presentation, character or skill) And just a fraction of the performing magicians are what I consider good.

I do not see anything wrong with doing the blog in public. In fact I whish there was even more of that. So audiences can see and compare.

Gavroche said...

Like so many professionals said. There are no shortcuts. The only way to be a pro is to try, fail, and try again and a lot of practice. That goes for writing AND magic. I know; I do both and I'm still not a pro in either.