Monday, May 4, 2009

WMF Who is this guy?

Look at this! The finest piece of BS I have come across. No name, just a product, an ebook for 27 dollars. Lovely. Just read what this guy says. "I provide unlimited lifetime support to all my customers." That sounds great, but it can never be fulfilled.

I think it is legal, but morally questionable. And he doesn't even give his name. I really looked, I checked the whole website. I wrote him an email asking who he is, no answer.

But this is the best part. "I'll pay you 56% of every sale generated. That's a little over $15 per book sold. Pay is on a monthly basis, sent on the 15th of each month to all affiliates with a balance of $50 or more." Wow, If I put a link up on my site I'll get 15 dollars per book.

So I signed up. Using this blog as the URL to advertise this book. This is a money making perpetuum mobile, yeah. I cannot wait for the money.

I got this computer generated email:

"Dear Roland,

Thank you for joining my affiliate program.

Your username is:
Your password is: xxxxxx
You can log in into your control panel in url:

If you have any requests regarding the affiliate program, don't hesitate to 
contact me on the email address.

Thanks again!
Mike @"

So his name is Mike... that's a start. And this is my affiliate link: Use it and make me money! Please.

Mike, you are WMF!

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