Sunday, May 31, 2009

Just A Sunday Post #2

Korean magician Han Seol Hui. What can I say. Nice. Way too fast, but how else can one hide the "guess where I am hiding the CD's" game. The effects are so quick there is almost no time to appreciate them, which turns the whole thing into a feast for the eyes. But what I like most is the Korean editors. Repeating certain effects, by looping them and actually adding sound and light effects that weren't there. They seem to love magic and they seem to do a lot to make the magic look good on Television.

Maybe they go to far. I do not know. Leaves me thinking. At least the main message got across: That it is the magician who does the magic/sleight of hand and not the director in the cutting room.

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b d erland said...

One thing about the editing style -- they do it for all sorts of things, not just magic. It's definitely a part of the general TV media style over there.

And yeah, I agree it can get ridiculous. Every now and then, though, it can be pretty funny.