Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Dark Side of Things

This is more of joke, but a pretty dark one.  If you love black humor and your audience does too, this is for you. Otherwise stay away from it.

"Now it is time to show you the famous trick where a rabbit is pulled out of a top hat. But before I do that one moment of silence please. Because all my former furry fellows have met a terrible fate.

One I found floating in the aquarium, the next ate some of my sleeping pills. And yet another one somehow fell into a knife committing some sort of strange hara-kiri. One rabbit actually managed to drop into soup. It was tasty, but very sad.

Of course these were all horrible accidents, because I am sure they loved being part of my show. But I have found another rabbit to work with, so without further undo the 'Rabbit From The Top Hat'!"

Then show your top hat. The audience can see an end of a rope hanging out of it. You look into the hat and your smile freezes. You pull on the rope and hanging on the other end in a hangman's noose the rabbit.

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