Wednesday, May 6, 2009

For The Smallest Target Group Ever

On a whole deck of blank cards draw a set of five horizontal lines. So when you spread the deck it will look like a staff/stave. Then draw notes on each card. So you end up with a rendition of the Russian national anthem. (see picture and click to enlarge)

Stack the deck in order. On the side of the deck you write "Music". Then do 6 out faros (assuming you are using 52 cards). The letters appear be scrambled. (This is of course Paul Gertner's "Unshuffled" effect. Giving credit where credit is due) With this all done you are almost ready. You will need a curtain. And behind the curtain should be an authentic Russian choir.

Now you are ready. Show the cards, show the notes. (Of course the audience should be able to read notes fluently and know the Russian anthem, well duh!) Point out, that you could make any song in the world with those cards. Then, after a few false cuts and false shuffles you do two more out faros. To show you that you made everything right it will now say "Music" on the side of the deck. Show that... then spread the cards on the long table which I forgot to mention. All your smart spectators will immediately recognize the effect.

Then the curtain opens and the song is played. Listen!


Xylo said...

I tried it out at the club meeting last night. A real magician fooler!

Roland said...

Glad you like it. Honestly.. I think that this can be applied to a useful effect too.

Think of a flipbook kind of effect.