Friday, May 29, 2009

So, your name is Bryan Dean

They all seem to belong to the same guy.

They all have the same PO-Box. At least the affiliate pages of all of those sites tell me so. (Not the actual websites, who have NO valid contact address.)

The funny thing: The main idea to check out the PO-Box addresses actually derived from a youtube video by user frimam49 aka Dave J. Castle.

Bryan Dean, his name sounds familiar, but I cannot quite place it. Google search found just the links to the ebooks in question. So who is he? Please anyone tell me!


Joseph said...

I believe Bryan Dean was the creator of Magic Talk

Roland said...

Hmm, really? If so, then stuff gets even more weird.

Joseph said...

Yep, that's the same guy:

Roland said...

Wow, that deserves extra actions. I do not know what... but I'll think of something.

Portland Magician said...

Roland, looks like somebody beat you to it:

Mar said...

So, Bryan Dean = Bryan D. Toder = Barry D. Martin.

Funny, he himself seems keen on keeping secrets, see

Bryan Toder said...

Such a mystery! :-)

Dean is my middle name. I was using "Bryan Dean" as my stage name when I was a magician.

I used the pen name, Barry D. Martin, for the (out-of-print) book I wrote, The Kindle Cash Machine.

I am now a full-time hypnotist. Hopefully, that answers all of your questions. :-)

-- Bryan Toder

Michael Jay said...

Mystery solved.