Thursday, May 28, 2009

WTF it worked!

We did it. The fake video is now at Here it is. Marvel at the wonder of fake explanation.

I encourage others do do the same. Create lots of fake videos spam the site. (For legal reasons I am compelled to say that the former encouragement is made in jest.)

Oh and here is the sad thing. You DO NOT even need to submit your OWN videos. Just link to a video and enter a half decent description and everything works.

So here just an idea. Upload a few videos of your friend doing and explaining the magic, then have that friend complain at Dave J. Castle that the videos are up. The complaint will be just.


KiKeNiCo said...

Well...deep inside me I knew they were not such losers: they can spot a revolutionary card control when they see it...even if they don't! Friggin' hilarious! You are making History mate!

JackLenoir said...

You got my 2 thumbs up there!!

Roland said...

What I love about is that in the comments those kids say how impractical it is. That means they did not get it, that it is a fake. Made me lol.

Kolisar said...

Brilliant! First off, the actual move you did in the original performance, if you did what I think you did, was excellent! Second, the explanation for the "control" is fantastic. I love the idea, you really need to start a real campaign to get as many of these on this exposure site.

Again, brilliant!