Sunday, May 10, 2009

About Copyright and Lemons

Just in from the Magic Cafe.

"So, for the record, you neither have my, nor Mr Brooks permission to quote me, Mr. poorly written blogger."

I do not copy and paste. I type every word myself. So I make no real copy.

"Sorry, poisoning a kid at your show, is maybe only funny in Deutschland because it sure isn't funny in the USA"

Wow, you speak for the whole US. And of course I do not do that. This was "satire". The actual effect is explained in the afterthought.

And of course some people think it is funny. Those with a twisted sense of humor, such as me. 

"There are some idiots in the world, and stating that one should put an actual poison into candy to give to a child in a magic presentation is reprehensible and irresponsible."

Oh I totally agree that there are some idiots in this world. But I make no drawbacks for them.

But yet another effect for the guys who are interested in magic and not just the coffee.

Bill in Lemon: In case you don't let them sign the bill, but tear off the corner. That means the bill in the lemon is a duplicate. This allows you to do the preparation before the show.

Now here is my idea. (It could be that some thought this up way before me) Find a lemon tree. Cut a small hole in one of the lemons and insert the bill without the corner. (Of course you keep the corner for later.)

Now you play the waiting game until the fruit is all healed up. (The bill actually withstands the acid abuse inside the lemon.)

Now the lemon can withstand all sorts of inspections.

Edit: Steven Youell wrote me an email, crediting the fantastic Michael Ammar for that lemon idea. It was on an audio tape. Didn't know there were audio tapes by the fantastic Michael Ammar. But I hope he doesn't laugh on those. His fantastic laugh is so girlish, I cannot stand it. So I am giving credit were credit is due. I think.


Murgel said...

Gute Seite, weiter so!
*hugs* der Zaubärer

Roland said...

Thank you Alex. I'll try to keep up the humor level.

Anonymous said...

Those clowns that run the cafe are Nazi stormtroopers. The Brookenheimer regime needs to end.

Roland said...

I wouldn't use the "Nazi" comparison, being German and all, but I agree.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's just me, but if Brooks pays for and owns the site, he gets to decide what's allowed and what isn't. If you want to decide that, then pay for your own site...

Roland said... I can do that.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't apply. That law has to do with copyright. You quoting something from the Cafe is fair use. You deciding what can be put on the cafe is up to the owner.

Roland said...

oh, my bad I misunderstood you. Yes, of course it is up to Mr. Brooks to put (or take away) whatever he wants on the cafe's website.
After all it his site.
But deleting stuff puts a bad light on people if not explained sufficiently. That bad light is shining.