Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Got time for some theory?

I often see the word "teleportation" and "transposition" being used for the same thing. Well it's not....

Let me explain by starting from the very beginning. The first two basic effects are "vanish" and "production". Basically something fades out of existence and then comes back. If you want to be all nit picky than you might see, that it is actually just one effect. One of them is just the reverse of the other. But keep in mind that those two effects are the two basic effects that the following will build on.

Transformation: So an object changes into another object. Think about it. When seeing this our brain could interpret this as two different events. The first one is, that two objects are in play. The first object faded out of existence while the other one appeared from thing air. All at the same place in space creating the effect. Now the second way to see this is the following: Just one object, which changes it's attributes. We just haven't see the actual change. And because our brain cannot easily decide which scenario is the actual case it makes up this third effect. Simply called "transformation".

Teleportation: Very similar to the transformation again we have two possible events taking place. The first one again is about two objects. At place A object A could vanish, while at place B object B could appear. Or the second was out brain could see this is, that the object becomes invisible and moves to the new location unseen to become visible again. In most cases both scenarios are thinkable and again our brain cannot decide which on to pick. So "teleportation" becomes the fourth effect in magic.

So if we call the first two effects in magic basic effects, then the next two, the transformation and the teleportation become effects of a higher level, as at least both of the basic effects are needed to explain them.

An even higher level of effects would be the Transposition: When two objects swap places, two possible events could take place. Both objects could simply be still where they are, they just transformed into one another, or the two objects teleported to the other ones location. Both cases are valid, our brain cannot decide which one, so the "transposition" becomes the fifth effect.

So you see that teleportation and transposition are not the same thing. Thank you for reading and sorry to have bothered you being a bitcher about a problem that apparently only I am seeing.

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