Thursday, November 3, 2011

YSM Day 3

Extreme Arafat is next:

You can tell he's extreme... what am I talking about, he's xtreme and 1337. All those fancy productions are so hardcore that one would almost miss the nice display of cards in front to the close up mat. And watch that smirk smile he does sometimes towards the camera. That is true passion and skillz.

But Extreme Arafat is greater than the sum of his parts. Watch him dance before he goes into his greatest trick. Making himself vanish, without cover. In your face Criss Blaine, you can't explain that.

His video rightfully got 167 view... and he deserves much more, much, much more. Like twenty more or so. I just "liked" the video. I expect you to do the same. Word.

1 comment:

Tomsk192 said...

The skillz, the skillz, the super kewl skillz..