Saturday, November 5, 2011

YSM Day 5

Pasteboard Jerald is the last guy... and what a treat:

Spreading, Turning them over, cutting them like crazy. Then another spread and turnover. Then a fan, a riffle and another fan. Hey, another fan and finally a card is picked. It might feel like boring stuff, but it's called suspense. An ancient tool to make a show more cool.
Then another fan and the card is replaced. Riffle, Hindu, riffle shuffle. Then face up are shuffled into face down. Jerald is a mad man I tells ya... a mad man.

But then, then all the cards are face down again with one card being face up. The selection... Dude this is a triumph in card magic.


Tomsk192 said...

I feel sick.

Anonymous said...

"...this is a triumph in card magic."

I see what you did there!