Thursday, November 10, 2011


Magic cannot stand on it's own. It needs to borrow from other arts.

I read a scientific study on the paddle move. Turns out that in this case a large action does not cover the small action. The "cover" comes from the speed.

After loading 25 sponge balls into a spectators hand you can basically stop the show for a few minutes.

Magic gimmicks make me feels like James Bond.

I'm addicted to the smell of sharpies.

Who knew that yellow rope is more visible from afar that white rope... I sure didn't.

I saw a magician once who still owned and used the first set of sponge balls he ever got. Outbreak alert!

When presenting a jumbo coin say this: "The coin is not bigger, the whole universe around it just shrunk." Funnier that way.

Wearing glasses and adjusting those once in a while gives you so much more cover when palming coins.

Does anybody know a way to force a butterfly, making it look like I just asked for an animal? No pre show!

I love my mini cards, when I hold them I feel like Larry Jennings.


terran said...

i googled that study about the paddle and it's really interesting

about the butterfly:

ask a girl:
could you imagine yourself as an insect? a beautiful, gentle insect?

oh a butterfly? ok we'll use that

or is this too strange?

Justin said...

This will only work on an American:

"What's your favorite food? Butter? Great! And how do you like it prepared? Fried? Great! Add those together and you sort of get 'butterfly.' Now watch this..."