Saturday, December 3, 2011

Act #1

I don't even know why I'm writing this now... but once in while a thought occurs. What if I had real magic powers. Just me... Nobody else. Would I make that know? I assume there would be limits to the magic powers. So my life wouldn't be save if I openly announced that. I know how crazy power hungry human being are. So I guess I would keep that a secret.

But still I wouldn't wanna be totally quite about that. After all I have this gift, I need to show the people. So I assume the best way to deal with such a dilemma would be to pretend to be a magician using tricks to achieve the wonders. Little work, lot's of money.

So what would my act be like? I can't be too extreme, or people might think I got real magic powers. But I couldn't be too dull either, as I would get no shows. My thought was: How about just three tricks for the whole show. Three really good ones. Tricks that might be achieved via trickery (but would be very hard to pull off) yet are unique enough to gain me "fame and fortune and everything that goes with it." Here is the first one:

1. The Homunculus
On stage there is a table. On the table there is a big glass jar. But that is covered with a cloth. The magicians enters. Talks about the how the alchemists tried to make gold. But also tried to create life. You managed such a feat. The spotlight is moved to the cloth which is dragged away revealing the jar. In the jar there is a small harlequin with a tiny little mask. It's not moving. The magician opens the jar, puts on some gloves and takes out the small human shaped doll and sets it on the table in front of the jar.
Then the magician starts reciting some incantation and after that the arm of the little man starts moving. Then the other arm. Finally it does some steps, jumps down the table and takes a bow.
Then in typical fashion of a magician rings are used to prove there are no threads nor wires. The humunculus is then placed back on the table and does some dancing. Following that mindreading is demonstrated. A spectator is asked to think of a number between 5 and 15. The little man claps his hands 9 times. The spectator verifies that he was thinking of the number 9.
And to finish this act the magician announces to explain the feat and how this little man is moving. It's a deal you have to make with unknown entities, that are vaguely mentioned in some fairy tales. Most often this back fires. But you have it all under control. Then the harlequin turns towards the audience and takes off it's little mask. Underneath there is an imp face with evil eyes. The magician then quickly grabs it by the neck and tosses the creature back into the jar. Just as he closes the lid the creature starts to burst into flames. Smoke fills the jar a strange noises arise. Whispers that fade out. Finally the lid is opened and the jar is tipped over. Heavy smoke rolls out over the table. But the jar is empty.

The other two acts will follow.


Tensai said...

Seems quite good, I would have to see the effect in real life, but I like the idea. Gives a nice feel to it, but defiantly not something ya would bring the kids to see.
Are ya gonna make a video showcasing this effect, or is this just thinking out loud? :D

Trickster said...

Did you read the start of the post Tensai?

Roland said...

Just pipe dreams I'm afraid. Although I have been thinking about methodology. And all of that is actually possible to pull of with a lot of money and manpower.