Sunday, November 6, 2011

YSM Round Up

Here are my thoughts on this: I just love what they are doing. Seriously. Here we have a whole bunch of Filipinos, no older than 16, totally being into magic. Are they good? Of course not. Do they hurt magic? No!

In fact this is what I would call a phenomenon that not new. But YouTube and stuff made us aware of that. A room filled with nerdy geeks, cutting cards like crazy exchanging thoughts and ideas and filming themselves. Sounds familiar?

I bet if the whole gang around Ed Marlo had today's technology similar videos would be floating around.

So what the Youth Society Magicians (what a dumb name) are doing is just kids playing around. Let them have their Super Kewl Club. They are not exposing magic, they are embracing it. In fact one or two of them might actually stay with this and become good magicians eventually.

Do you know the feeling when a kid comes up to you telling you all about dinosaurs and Pokemon? You may be bored and find it all stupid, but deep down you are happy for the kid, that he gets so exited about stuff. And this is why I just love what they are doing.


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Anonymous said...

I'm glad you made it clear you're not just making fun of these dudes. Everyone who's ever been great at anything started out as someone who was enthusiastic and not very good.