Monday, November 7, 2011

Talk about bad

Here is the effect in a nutshell. You recharge a battery with your bare hands. in order to prove this you have a little battery tester that is used before and after the effect to verify the magic.

So here is the thing. If you need a tool, that is both uncommon and hardly understood by anybody not using those on a daily basis to make the magic noticeable, then something is wrong with the effect. The effect needs to be understood effortlessly. This is not the case here, making Recharger by Stefan Schroetter a crappy effect.

This should have never seen the light of day and been released.

The Worldmagicshop knows this, yet they dared to put this piece of trash in their shop. Why did they do it anyway? I am giving them the benefit of a doubt to assume that they are not stupid. But doing that makes their actions seem even more shady.

Greed can not be the sole reason...


Tomsk192 said...

So all you need is a battery, a battery charge tester, a torch, and someone who actually gives a shit. Impromptu magic at its very best.

Bizzaro. said...

Greed can very well be the answer... and with them usually is.

Justin said...

This is... wow.

You actually need a piece of electronic machinery to prove that "magic" occurred.

Jesus fucking Christ.

lucy.sykes said...

Better would have been:
"someome's phone, or ipod, or whatever runs out of battery. Then every time you snap your fingers one bar adds to the battery image on the device, until it is fully charged once again.