Wednesday, November 23, 2011

He has come a long way

Mr. Mayoral has certainly come along way in magic. The act you are about to see from FISM 1994. A very, very lonely piece of magic. Full to the brim with symbolism. I don't think I get all of them (or even one for that matter).

The act is clearly nerdy in all ways. Even a bit creepy. Good? Well see for yourself:

What makes the ending even more tragic is realizing that this is a one person act.


Fábio De'Rose said...

I saw this act live a couple years ago. It truly evolved, his 'mise-en-scene' is waaaay better, infact everything is better BUT one thing:

He does not pass a straight guy. Like, ever. THAT is the only true defect I see with his act.

Magic Tony said...

Even though its 90's flavor makes it feel REALLY lame right now, this act (at least, the end of this act) had a rather substantial influence on me. I saw him perform at my very first magic convention, and the theatricality of his routine really stuck with me and shaped the way that I think about stage magic.

Plus...he really got boned on that whole D'lites thing.