Wednesday, November 2, 2011

YSM Day 2

Time for Trebor Z, formerly known as Crazy Robert. Here is his famous 4 Ace Trick:

Dude he's got serious chops. And he uses black cards. That's cool. Right bro? Teach those aces some respect. Show them who's boss. And the last ace... always misbehavin. Needs some manners. But Crazy Robert got it all under control. Just one invocation towards the ghost of Erdnase and everything is cool again.

Right on!

Now I gotta get me some changing rainbow pants.


darkstar said...

Cards and editing aside that was pretty good I think.

Humble advice. A double undercut looks much better by going under with the right hand. This is how laymen and normal folks would do it. Doesn't look near as phony.

-Not Tyler Wilson

Kevin Chou said...

I kinda liked it..

RD said...

I know that those are magicians trick cards because real cards do not look like that. All he has to do is push a button or something.(not really what I think)