Thursday, January 20, 2011

WMF Snap Illusions.... again

I'm so glad I changed the rule that a former WMF cannot become a WMF again.

It's been a while but Snap Illusions is still in business. Jack Moyer, former WMF is still at it. But he is not to blame alone. All of the people working there are part of this.

What is this? Let me refresh your memory. Snap Illusions is a US company from Greenwood in Indiana. They build illusions. Those cost a lot of money. (from 1-5 thousand dollars each) A few people ordered, paid and waited for their illusion to arrive. After a few weeks they called Snap Illusion. And Snap Illusions replied that it will take a bit longer as something needs to be waited for. Sometimes the material that is needed is not there and Snap Illusions itself waits for the material. Other times the illusions needs to be painted, and painting an illusion seems to take 3 weeks and even more. (Well it's made in the USA, so I guess it is normal then)

That means that the buyer who already paid waits a few weeks more. Weeks become months and the illusion is not arriving. From the emails I got I did a little calculation. So far it seems like, Snap Illusions made more than 15.000 dollars using that scam.

One angry buyer even went so far as driving there to talk to them. But the address listed on the website doesn't exist. It's a UPS postal box in a strip mall.

So here is a word of warning. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH SNAP ILLUSIONS. Until proven wrong I claim that they are thieves, liars, scammers, crooks and tearing down the magic scene.

I do know of quite a few costumers who have positive experiences with Snap Illusions, but those seems to be almost entirely with in the small prop section.



William said...

Remember their slogan -- You got Jacked!

Mia Malone-Jennings said...

I admit...I am naive. I wish I would have researched snap illusions before making my order. I was recently Jacked!!! I am truly disappointed with Snap Illusions and their scams to never provide a product!! I guess Snap Illusions doesn't care about their reputation and what is being said about them.