Monday, January 31, 2011

WMF Colleen Ballinger

There is a tiny chance you have heard of her before. She is not a magician, Colleen Ballinger is a singer. She created a character called Miranda who got famous by singing really, really bad on YouTube. Somehow that generated her a lot of fans and even fame.

So what the hell does she have to do with magic? Nothing really, except for this one:

As you can see, her character Miranda has put out a DVD with basic magic stuff. The material nor the DVD is aimed at magicians, but to regular folk.

This tears down magic. If you don't get the loser vibe as you are watching this video, then I cannot help you. Colleen could have had so many other arts to exploit and rape. So why did it have to be magic? Seriously, why?

Think about it. Don't we have enough losers? Now here comes "Miranda" with a DVD for laypeople, who might buy the product because they think it is funny, or because they have a weird fetish for "Miranda" and they give it to their friends. They watch it and say: "Ha ha funny, Miranda does loser stuff, how fitting!"

My view may be one sided here but I love magic too damn much as not to at least mention this. If in the 90s "Steve Urkel" would have sold a magic kit and a VHS, it would have been the same.
Shame on you Colleen!


Mike said...

Ah the irony.

Her whole act is based on ridiculing people who post stupid You Tube videos.

Ring any bells Roland...can you think of anyone else who mocks poor You Tube videos...go on think...that's right you do!!!!

For Gods sake get a grip. Another example of magicians thinking they are above everybody else.

A lot of the magic acts on You Tube deserve all they get, as you well know...and this won't harm decent magicians.

Joseph P. said...

I believe she also performed at the Magic Castle and just did a show in New York. See

Roland said...

Mike, I think you are missing the point I am trying to make. It's not that I mock her video... it's that she mocks magic. And it is not that I think I am above everyone else. I stick to magic and do not go further than this. If Colleen decides to step into the magic realm, she better leave a good image. She does not, ergo I made her WMF.

Tony said...

There are hundreds of magic sets and teaching dvd's available and most of them are as bad as this one, yet the magic world still turns.
By mentioning this kind of crap you are just promoting it in the same way that the masked magician would have vanished after the first show if magicians hadn't kicked up a fuss.
Don't worry about it, she'll be forgotten soon enough along with the rest of the 'Look at me, aren't I funny, please make me famous' you tube brigade.

Mike said...


She's not mocking magic, she's mocking bad magicians the way she mocks bad singers.

And as Joseph mentions she has appeared at the Magic Castle.

Tommy Cooper made a career out of being a bad magician !!!

Tony said...

But she's just not funny.

Everyone will have forgotten about her soon and they'll all be talking about a piano playing spider or some such drivel.

Also, lots of people have appeared at the Magic Castle, most of them unpaid.

azzanator_90 said...

"it's that she mocks magic." I hate when peple do that! In fact I was watching this video by this german guy, called the "camera trickS" and woe is me how can he defile the art of magic, not only does he do that... he did a video called the right music, and not only was it ironic because the music was totally wrong, but he exposed the TT openly, THAT BASTARD! How dare he make fun of the art form in such a way! Roland, can you pretty, pretty, pretty please make him next week WMF, he's by your logic destroying magic!

Roland said...

Of course you are right and the person you speak of already was WMF. You hit the nail on the head.

azzanator_90 said...

Did the nail created a hole in the head, Like Ben Harris's Hole in the head :O!Yeah I'm a big fan of what you do here in all seriousness. your rants are indeed "Magical" but one thing evades me, why I cannot find WMF on Miguel Miranda,

Thats the epitome of WMF!

Joel said...

Or maybe she's just making fun of her brother.

ss said...

Hey, Tony, it's 2 years later and the Miranda character is still going strong with over 65 million YouTube views and constant touring to larger and larger venues. She just came back from an Australian tour and will be in New York's Best Buy Theatre in January, among other dates.

As someone said, the character mocks everything. It is true that she is mocking bad magic videos, just like she mocks bad singing videos. The joke is that Miranda is an egotistical, talentless publicity hound. So, her mockery of bad magicians will not have any adverse affect on the magic world.

Tennyson said...

I don't think she's making fun of magicians. Her brother is a professional magicians. And she always acts like a loser when acting as Miranda.