Friday, November 12, 2010

WMF Jack Moyer


Interesting! Every single company that does legit business has some sort of poster guy. Some person who uses his name and appears on the respected website. Not so in the case of Snap Illusions. Not even the "About Us" section has a name.

But that is just a side note. A while ago I did a little post. That little post got me quite a bit of feedback. Obviously a lot of you are happy with Snap Illusions. Those who are not... well they got treated badly. If you read the Kaufman Forum you might already know. Those few didn't get their illusions even though they paid for it.

And it usually goes like this: They order the illusion. Snap Illusions is quick to answer and very nice. Sometimes they even call you, telling you that the illusion is being built and ready to be shipped next week. The week goes by. Then a second call from Snap Illusions: Might take a little longer... And then the conversation stops. Naturally the costumers try to call Snap Illusions. Nobody answers. One guy even went so far to order another illusion, using a different name. He got into contact with Snap Illusions right away. When he mentioned who he really is, they hung up.

Legit business practise? I think not. Let me quote one email I got.

Jack Moyer with snap has scammed myself and two other close friends, as well as a slew of other people. Check out the Genii forums from a couple of years back -- even Richard Kaufman had some colorful words for Jack. Jack responded like a rude, immature child -- and the Genii forums don't remove it like Magic Café does EVERY time something negative about Snap is posted.

My boss has $9,500 paid in full to Jack, and it took over a month of constant phone calls and e-mails before he finally responded to us. It should be noted he also only responded when we were threatening legal action.

Funny, how during the same time we couldn't get ANYONE to answer about our order, they responded constantly (usually within 20 minutes) to e-mails I sent from a fake account asking about their products. They were more than happy to reply to someone who could give them money, but only responded to a paid client when threatened with legal action.

Here's some more specifics about this particular situation.

We paid 50% deposit (normal business practice) and they were staying in constant contact. Illusions were "on schedule." After about a month (pretty fast, we were happy) they said they needed to go ahead and collect the other 50% of our money so the illusions could be painted (not normal to pay in full before a product is completed, but no red flags went up at the time).
They said they'd be painted and then ready to be shipped in a couple of weeks. We were going to be passing near their area on tour, so we asked if we could just pick them up (not like they were charging for the shipping anyway).
They said that's fine, they'll be ready when we got there (June 30th).
Starting on June 27th, we started calling to confirm the address so we could pick up props. We tried all week (past our pickup date, so we had to just drive straight through town to our shows) and finally got an e-mail the next week from Vicki saying they weren't ready.

We e-mailed Jack, and only after threatening did we get the response, "They're all ready but we're waiting on special cases to be delivered."

We let the issue sit a week, and tried again. After finally having to threaten him, AND call the police to his door, he responded, "I've been busy with family matters in Kentucky, but one of your illusions is finished."

That's when things got serious.
First he says they're all ready, then they're not, then they are but waiting on something else, and then ONE is ready?

We went to every address we could find for Snap Illusions, LLC., reported the case to the police and his bank and credit agency. None of his addresses are legitimate. The address on his website is a UPS postal box in a strip mall.

On our way back, we got a call from a friend who gave us his home address -- we're saving that.

Finally, after another friend of ours (who had items waiting, too) had been making similar threats finally got Jack on the phone. We listened in on that conversation and then he called us. We have the entire conversation on MP3., where Jack PROMISES we'll have our items no later than November 1st, and GUARANTEED we'd have at least one this Friday (yesterday) as a gesture of good faith.
He we are again with no contact all week, and no items still.

But this is just our story. Do a google search for "Snap Illusions Scam" and have fun with the results. 20 other people on a single forum with legit stories can't all be lying.

Snap may USED TO do good business, and may still do something legitimate with small cabaret props, but their illusion sales are a complete and utter one-ahead-rape scheme.

The email was also a comment earlier, so I guess it is OK for me to quote.
And I got eight very, very long emails about experiences with Snap Illusions. But to be fair, I got a few good ones too.

Head of Snap Illusions is Jack Moyer So I guess he is our poster guy for Snap Illusions and also poster guy for a Weekly Magic Failure.

Again, if I am wrong, tell me and I will fix it.

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Richard said...

I am interested in people who would like to join my planned legal action against Snap Illusions and Jack Moyer FREE OF CHARGE.
Please read my posting #241458 - 03/22/11 05:10 AM in the Genii Forum

or contact me directly at

Richard Erb

magicjon said...

Everything i have read NOW about Snap Illusions have absolutely come true. Once they had my $5100.00 contact and responses from them became extinct. Now that they are 30 day's behind scheduled delivery...I can't get them to respond at all. I ordered 5 illusions from them and paid for them in full. Not only have the tried to destroy my dreams but this whole scam has made me sick. They should absolutely receive an academy award. There only problem is I didn't spend my money...I spent an investor's money...whom by the way will not stop until they are stopped. Im taking up legal action against them this week.