Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Dear Essential Magic Conference

Wasn't it part of the deal that viewers would get a bunch of DVDs? I know a few who still haven't gotten their DVDs.

Registering for the conference entitles you to several things:

* Access to the lectures as they are broadcast live on the internet.
* Access to the lectures as video on-demand immediately following the broadcast.
* A complete set of DVDs mailed to you and containing video of all the lectures and bonus materials generated by the conference.
* Ability to participate in the conference by creating your own Member Page on the EMC website.
* Ability to join in Question and Answer sessions and online interviews with our speakers.

55 Euros or 75 Dollars ain't much, but it shoud cover the shipping of flat light objects, even to far away countries.


Niklaus Gerber said...

After several E-Mails to them I got this:

Dear Niklaus,

Thank you so much for your e-mail.

We are sorry we have not been able to reply sooner.

The DVD set is being duplicated and we hope to take delivery of them in the second week of February. After this they will be sent to all our members. So please make sure your member profile contains your current address.

We will soon be sending out a newsletter with an update about EMC2011.

All The Best
The EMC Team

Javatari said...

No one could speak ill of the EMC event itself, but the false claims of having the videos up immediately following the conference and then that the DVDs would be sent out a few months after the conference, have really tarnished it's image in my mind. I could understand a few reasonable delays, but the lack of communication with members and complete failure to deliver on the above claims has really tarnished its image in my mind.

I've recently sold my house and will be moving out in mid feb so if the DVDs really do get sent out I'm not sure I'll ever get them.


Thanks Roland for reminding me of this.

Alexandre Maron said...

The videos took only a few days to be ready. I saw it as a minor problem and it never really bugged me.

But the delay with the DVDs is something that really annoys me. They are lucky that at some point lots of people forgot about EMC. But now, when they will be trying to sign me in for EMC 2011, it will be harder to get my money...

the Minutemen said...

I am still waiting my DVD to arrive. Making a booklet of all dicussion log is not an excuse to make the DVD set to be that late.

ChadSanborn said...

Another EMC just came and went. Did you ever get the DVD's?