Thursday, January 6, 2011


My Chinese is a little rusty, sorry about that.

But Van is this weeks magic failure. (I think that's his name) Apparently he copies part of the act of German magician Timo Marc exactly. Timo Marc has a unique act and a very stylised character. Van not only copies his looks but also part of the act.

I know that China is known for making copies. But this is too damn close. The blue and orange, the big pockets, that shiny silky look, the whole over the top gestures. If you don't see any resemblance, check out this pic.

I suspect a conspiracy here. I think this Van guy is not really just a copy cat, he is a clone. I suspected China to do this for years. How else do all the Chinese look the same to Caucasian eyes?

So here is my complaint: How come I don't have a Chinese clone who does my work for me? I want my clone!

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