Thursday, January 13, 2011

Problem Solving

Sometimes it takes very little to make a trick practical. In this case the good ol' classic by which coins appear under a card one at a time.

Problem: If you use no soft surface the secret placing of the coin will make an unwanted sound. If a coin is under the card, the card appears to "float".

Solution: I use no card anymore, which often cause motivation problems. I use the purse. Classic purse frame style. In the purse are some more coins, so putting the purse on a hard surface will naturally create a sound, by the coins inside and the purse frame hitting the surface. That sound naturally covers any secret load. And no "floating" is going on.


nico said...

could be a solution. what about using soft coins? mhuahaha

Roland said...

soft coins still make noise if you put them on a hard surface. They only don't sound if you rub them against each other. But you know that....