Sunday, January 30, 2011

The Annual Magic Failure

2010 is over. And the following people have pissed off the readers of this blog so much that they get the title Annual Magic Failure.

3. Tony Hassini, 33 votes. Not only did he make up an award, the cool looking Merlin, no he offers it to several magicians and if they choose to accept it he charges money for it. An award you can buy. Great! Wait... no! It's an administration fee and travel expenses. My bad!

2. Justin Miller, 51 votes. Right after Justin was declared WMF I got a lengthy email from Justin Miller himself explaining his situation and telling about his view of things. Friends suggested not to answer the email. And it wouldn't be fair to quote the thing here. But here is a small fraction.
And to say there was "no recourse" is ridiculous and a flat out lie!
I have contacted everyone that did not get their products for whatever reason and I have made it right or tried to make it right.

Is this true? Is anybody still without product or money?

1. Rob Matthies, 65 votes. I gotta give Rob one thing. He tried and tries to fight back. But he does it poorly. Calling me an racist anti semite. Godwin's law says that "As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches one." It took Rob less than a week. And this means he has no more valid arguments. Which means I am right and he deserved his WMF title. There are good losers and bad losers. Rob is even worse. He is a trolling loser. Too bad he doesn't seem to understand what my complaint was. All he seems to hear are racist statements. Talk about a deluded soul.

More than 230 votes were given. That is quite a bit in our small magic world. Let's see what 2011 brings.


ablanathanalba said...

Well done! Perhaps the candidates who got zero votes will get a reprieve this year, or at least conduct themselves wisely enough to avoid further mention. Highest congratulations to the winner!

darkstar said...

I'm really glad Justin got number 2. That guy isn't right in the head at all beyond the whole business aspect.

I wish I had some old Emails he sent me. Fucking crackers.