Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WMF Paul Stone

Paul Stone is the guy behind Magic Cares
just so you know who he is. Magic Week released the following news:

News from Paul Stone: "I am delighted to release details of an exciting project aimed specifically at Magicians worldwide. Firstly, on 24th January we are launching Showstealers Vegas Link. This will provide a direct link for performers to Showstealers, established Las Vegas Entertainment Consultants and Show Producers.

if you email the address given in the article you get the following:

SHOWSTEALERS VEGAS LINK™ is a unique service offering magicians a direct link to Las Vegas, and the chance to be on the performers roster of SHOWSTEALERS LLC, established Las Vegas Entertainment Consultants and Show Producers.

SHOWSTEALERS LLC is headed up by Executive Producer, Paul Stone, an experienced Producer of hundreds of Corporate Events and Shows, amongst them in the UK, Shows at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, Her Majesty’s Theatre and eighteen Shows at the world famous London Palladium Theatre, including the widely acclaimed ‘Tribute to Siegfried & Roy at the London Palladium’ in 2008.

Paul has produced Shows in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace, Mirage, Harrahs, Orleans and the Suncoast Hotel & Casino.

Paul’s TV credits include Magic Consultant on ‘Best of Magic’ Series and Penn & Teller’s ‘Fool Us’.

SHOWSTEALERS LLC make no guarantees of future bookings but are constantly on the lookout for new and original performers for our ‘Variety Live’ and ‘World Stars of Magic’ Shows, Corporate events and various TV projects both in UK and USA.

SHOWSTEALERS LLC charge an annual $99 facility fee. This helps to cover administration charges.
Included in the price of our service, we offer USA Representation for overseas performers (outside the USA).
This benefit alone is worth many times the minimal cost involved (less than $2 a week), and you can use the SHOWSTEALERS LLC name and Las Vegas address on all your promotional and publicity materials. This carries huge value and gives you increased credibility.
SHOWSTEALERS LLC would handle subsequent entertainment enquiries for your services in USA and make a 15% commission charge on any fees negotiated on your behalf.
Please confirm if you are interested in linking up with SHOWSTEALERS LLC in Las Vegas.
We look forward to having you on board.

Best regards
Paul Stone
Executive Producer – SHOWSTEALERS LLC

I highlighted the highlights.

99 dollars that you might end up in a magic show. No legitimate agency will charge you any sort of up-front fee as if they were a real agency the money they'd make in commissions would more than cover their administration charges.

Paul Stone is advertising to British magicians tempting them with work in the USA therefore the commission on one single job would be considerably more than Stone's "annual charge". That means Stone thinks he won't get you a single job.

This sort of behaviour is exactly what Equity (the performers union) in the UK is actively campaigning against.

I call scam on this one.

Paul Stone would not get away with this one in the UK, that's why he does it in Las Vegas. And that's why he is this week's magic failure.


Tony said...

I would not trust this man.
He organises shows in the UK, claiming to be a big Vegas producer, and shows in Vegas claiming to be a big UK producer, yet strangely many people there and here have not heard of him.
Most importantly NEVER register with an agency (of any type, modeling, theatrical etc) that wants to charge you money for the privilege, it always turns out to be a scam.
Sadly, many magicians will be suckered into this enterprise by the fact that they desperately want to be famous. This will not happen. You will not be headlining at a Vegas hotel, you will not be earning 15 million dollars a year, you will simply lose your money and never hear from him again.
Do not get involved and DO NOT SEND ANY MONEY.

Stijn Hommes said...

It doesn't fly for publishers and literary agents and for agencies like this, it is no different. If they don't work to earn their commision, they should get NOTHING up-front.

You're right Roland. I call shenanigans!

magic blog fan said...

Check out http://palladiummagic.com/ where he is trying to get magicians to PAY to perform at the London Palladium.

bill said...

hey I found out more details re this as i applied. basically you get an address in Vegas. if you get offered any work in USA you send the address details to the client they contact the address and they say they know who you are etc and then can, if you want , negotiate a price for your services. if that's the case they will then take 15% commission. They do not actively seek work for you and they only act as an agent/negotiator if you send them a lead. the palladium thing is you get to perform as close up magician when people come in and at interval or you get to perform on stage. ( not your act just part of a group of people ) for that you must purchase 4 best (65 pound ) tickets to the show. I agree with other comments here that this is just a way to get magicians to pay for more famous magicians to do the show at a higher fee.

Magic Unlimited said...

Does Paul get you a Green Card so that you can LEGALLY work in the USA?

NicolasC said...

I thought I would leave a message as I am now doing magic full time thanks to Paul. He is a major show producer in uk and Vegas. He has organised the tribute of Siegfried and Roy at the palladium and also been involve with many convention such as the invention and IBM.

Regarding the "agent" thing, he doesn't offer the service as an agency! I go to Vegas a lot and always tried to promote myself and get a gig while I go there. It is impossible if you give them a uk address so your chances are better with an address in the us. If you think you will be the next cross angel because of that, WAKE UP! He is extremely well connected in Europe and us and I know he will do his best to give a gig to someone. It is not guaranteed but for people who know Paul, they know it is worth it (taking in consideration you are a decent magician, not a 16 year old kid wanted to become a big star!)

For those who don't know, he was also the consultant on the Penn and teller show in January and was in charge of getting acts.

I'm surprise when Tony says people haven't heard of him here or there. Who did u ask? Anyone I know knows him. Just look at who he got for his invention convention... You don't get Teller and Criss angel if you are no one

Regarding the gig at the palladium. Well you just need to buy 4 tickets and you get to perform. It is not made to attract full time magicians but great for the one starting and want to put there name on the cv. Just look at the act coming! I went to the tribute of siegfried and Roy at the palladium and was one of the best show I've ever seen.

Timmy Jimmy said...

I agree with Nicolas,
Paul Stone is a stand up guy.
He organized InnOvention 2010 and is doing it again in 2012. The line up at InnOvention 2010 was awesome. The thing I like the best about Paul Stone is he is a regular Joe. A normal bloke who's head isn't too big to pick you up and take you to the airport for no reason other than you are going his way. You guys slamming him I bet have never met him. YOU are the one's who suck!

Roland said...

Sure he might be a nice guy, never claimed otherwise. But his business practice is shady at best.

Anonymous said...

I have had to unfortunately retire from magic due to ill health, but have worked for Paul on a number of occasions at very prestigious venues. I have visited his home and his family and can attest that he is a VERY well known show producer. If you speak to Paul Daniels, Wayne Dobson, Mark Mason, Lance Burton (have you heard of any of them) and countless MAJOR stars of magic, they will attest to his credibility. I admit that I am biased as I consider myself lucky enough to be a personal friend of Paul. Paul, I might add, is a very competent magician in his own right. The list I started above would go pon for a very long time. Especially if my memory wasn't so bad. Lol. Wishing all magical entertainers a wonderful Christmas. Barnaby. (Me - you won't have heard of).