Friday, January 28, 2011


Why does the English version of "Card College" by Roberto Giobbi contain different material than the German version "Die Große Kartenschule"? The German version contains Monarch's Quartette, the Englisch version does not. The English version contains The Dance of the Cannibals which is not in the German version. And that is just one example.

Feels a bit like Pokémon the red and blue edition.

Suddenly I feel like I gotta catch 'em all!

Edit: Monarch's Quartette is actually part of the English edition. But it is called "Metamorphosis". Talk about structure. Hat tip to Denis - the walking libary - Behr and Giorgio for correcting me.

Why does it have a different name? Only to confuse me I guess. Nope that would be too egocentric. But really, why does an effect get a totally different name, if nothing is done to change the effect?
Reminds me of the time, that "Be Honest What Is It" became "Two Card Monte"

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Giorgio said...

You will be glad to know that actually Giobbi's version of Monarch's Quartette called Verwandlung is also in the English edition. The title has been translated to Metamorphosis (v1 P. 239).

Keep up the good work!