Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Random Thoughts

Don't you just love it, when magicians write about themselves in third person on their websites. Normal practise I think. But writing about themselves in third person on Wikipedia...

My hands are never dirty. I master the principle of hygiene.

Don't you think it is lovely, when magicians start a certain trick as "an observation test" and never follow up on that idea.

If you cannot do a technique, you can still show off to your magic buddies, by never performing them, but by openly explaining it right away. They think you got skill.

Most comedy magicians are not funny. And most serious magicians are unintentionally funny.

Jay Sankey should stop explaining the Wave Change, as he cannot do it in a way that it looks good.

If magicians would start performing in looser pants they would not have so much trouble taking stuff out of the pocket.

If the method of a trick is more entertaining than the trick, the trick is bad.

Why does every DVD on basic coin handling include the back thumb palm and never shows a trick using it?

I love reading about magic theory, but not in the middle of a technical explanation of a card trick.

Doing a card palm on video is hard, as the camera doesn't look me in the eyes.

The more card tricks I learn, the more I appreciate the 5 card tricks that I actually do.

I get annoyed by the habit of some Magicians that are my "friends" on Facebook, who constantly tell all the world that they are "off to do a show" as if saying "look I don't suck"!


Trickster said...

I agree with all bar one.
Magicians shouldn't be talking about themselves on Wikipedia at all, be it in 1st, 2nd or 3rd person.

Gotta go now, I'm off to do a show ;)

Tribun said...

"If the method of a trick is more entertaining than the trick, the trick is bad."

I disagree. Ever seen Guy Hollingworth' Signed Aces to Pockets? It's a cool effect, but when I was how he actually does it, my eyes fell out.