Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just A Sunday Post #80

How do you tell people that their performances are probably not suited for their target audience? How do you tell a magician that his act is really bad. Is there a nice way to do it? I think not.

I do know a magician who is really, really, really bad. But I like that guy. So I have a hard time watching anything new he wants to show me. I know it's gonna be bad. I know he is gonna ask me what I think of it. And I also know that I will pussy out of this dilemma by saying: "I like it, but I think you gotta work on the sleights a bit more so it does not flash that often."
However: With people I don't know it is really easy to say it. So this goes out to Darryl Hutton: Your act is not even cool for the retarded! Really, watch yourself:

If you like it, something is wrong with you. Sure magic can be presented in a child like way, but not childish. And nobody like polka. Nobody!

PS. Here is another one. Not Darryl but equally bad. Is it OK to admit that you can buy magic in a magic shop?


Aaron Stone said...

If any of my friends were this bad, I'd gladly tell them.

This is worse than a good act going wrong, this is the kind of stuff they torture people with in P.O.W. camps..

ablanathanalba said...

Where is the short string again?

William said...

I liked Daryl. He's my kinda crazy.

ChadSanborn said...

The problem was, he read the instructions wrong. They clearly state the long string goes on the left, not the right.

Had he done it right, it woulda be a miracle!