Saturday, June 19, 2010

WMF Justin Miller

I get a few email each week by magicians suggesting a certain magician to be WMF. Most of them are just YouTube kids exposing magic. But once in a while a regular magician is among those suggestions. And Justin Miller manages to be among those more than others.

For those who have never heard of Justin Miller:

He acts like David Williamson, but without "the funny" of course!

Justin Miller is a pretty skilled magician. But seemingly a lousy businessman.
He has a few magic items for sale. Triune, Infinity Thread,
The Cloak, Captured and a few others. People who ordered directly by Justin Miller usually have one of the following two experiences. The ordered item gets shipped way later than expected by a friend of Justin Miller or not at all.

I heard this complain more than once. And the Magic Cafe is full of people complaining and warning about doing direct business with Justin Miller.. or was full of such posts... because of course the Magic Cafe has this curse that interesting threads get deleted and certain post removed.

One email I got I will quote parts of it:

Basically it tends to go like this... Miller announces a new product and starts accepting pre-orders for it. (Announced on the cafe of course) The release date comes and gos and a few weeks later, People start asking where their products are. Miller will answer any questions with a single post on the cafe (Never an e-mail) stating that everyone should be getting the product soon as he shipped them a while back.

A few more weeks go by and people still are not receiving what they ordered. Then the excuses start. DVD problems, I was out of town with no computer, Family problems, Shipping problems and so on. After a certain amount of time people start getting really P.O.ed and one of Justin's buddies will swoop in and start filling the orders for Justin. Anyway, after all is said and done, Miller will apologize to everyone (Again, on the cafe never in an e-mail) and the whole thing will start over again with his next release.

As far as I know this cycle has completed itself at least three times. It was so bad that Miller got banned from his pay pal account. So he opened up a google account and then got banned from that as well essentially leaving the people he screwed with no recourse. The cycle is starting again.

He recently posted another big apology on the cafe claiming this and that. When people started posting rebuttals asking Miller who he thought he was and asking where their money or products were from past purchases, Those posts were removed and the thread locked.

To me all of that sounds like that Justin Miller is simply not a good businessman, owing people money by not sending the products. And if that is the case Justin Miller should go out of the magic business and start concentrating on doing magic. He seems to be good at that.


darkstar said...

Boy did you keep it tame as per the myriad.

Go practice that "thing" now.

Ultimagic said...

All right!

Justin Miller WMF! Hes deserved this for a while. This guy owes more people more money than I would care to estimate.

Hes a good Magician. I have a few things of his that I really like. But his business ethics are poor and almost non-existent.

I hope he sees this and decides its time to give his fellow magicians back what he owes them.

Thanks Roland.

Salad Bowl said...

I remember seeing Just Miller's Army of 52 Gaft DVD from Ellusionist. I only saw the performances and I really couldn't believe he was considered one of the 'top' magicians today. His performance style sucked and he has no audience control and he just pressures his audience.

It was also amazing how this guy was talking shit to teenagers when he did that Theory11 event where he jammed with T11 members in Stickam.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Justin Miller is a lousy businessman and a bully. The way he treats his customers is utterly abhorrent. It is ridiculous how he insults well known magicians and then lashes out on his fans and customers. I am glad other magicians feel that way. If only he knew that without fans or customers he is nothing. He also does not take into consideration that we the customers/fans are always right and have the ability to put bad reviews all over the internet and pass them down verbally. He thinks we are all low educated and not in his career range, well guess what some of us are highly educated and won't take his "bs."

Daniel Jackson said...

You're doing him a great service by calling him a good magician.