Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Ellusionist is still the best

Hmm, as it turns out ONE good post about ELLUSIONIST is not enough to get a free deck of cards. I got a hint by an insider (Brad C.) that I need to do a second one. Here it is: Ellusionist is the best magic dealer that is out there. They are much better than T11 and all of the others. And I am not ironic here I really honestly believe Ellusionist is the best thing that ever happened to magic. How can I prove that claim. Well I cannot that is my problem. Doing a blog that is cynical most of the time makes my words sound cynical and not honest at all.

Well I know how to get around this... I just write the opposite.

Which is coming up tomorrow... make sure to link it very often, so it ends up very high on the google list.

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