Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wine and Cheese

I tend to oversimplify stuff and people. I have come to divide people in two categories. Those who are never happy with what they got, who strive for the next, best thing, who want to achieve everything that is within their reach. I put those people in the "red wine and cheese" fraction. The other fraction I would simply label "beer and pizza". Those people don't need much. They are happy with what they got. As long as they are not hurt and enjoy some pleasure they are happy.

On the one hand "wine and cheese" people tend to believe that their way of enjoying is much better that those of the "beer and pizza" people. On the other hand "beer and pizza" people also like wine and cheese, but see nothing better with wine and cheese compared to their beer and pizza. To them it is the same and it makes no difference.

Personally I think I belong in the later category.

In magic those two kind of people are very easy to differentiate. There are those who go to competitions who need constant reminders that they are still the best, while the other ones just perform and are happy about it. While a "beer and pizza" magician also likes to watch a magic competition the "wine and cheese" magician seems to think less of those magicians who do not take part in competitions and do not strive to be the best among everyone.

Try it! It works pretty well. You can easily put each magician you know in one of those two categories.

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Tribun said...

it hurts, how true this is.