Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WMF Lawrence Cummings

Monkeysee is the same as expertvillage and like expervillage monkeysee has a magician who spoils magic and cannot do the magic well.

Embedding the video has been deactivated, so here is the link It is a really bad performance of a "chopless" chop cup routine. His name: Lawrence Cummings

Just as our former Weekly Magic Failure Malik Haddadi Lawrence Cummings has no problem spoiling other people's magic (Professor's Nightmare, a Coin Matrix or a T&R with a Napkin including Sucker)

In the beginning of each video he claims to be a professional magician. He seems not to love his profession enough to respect it. I think this is worthy of being a Weekly Magic Failure.

Cummings gives neither credits nor does he use the correct terms. Naturally I assume he has little knowledge of magic. Yet he spoils (I don't call that teaching) magic. Damn!

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Brian said...

That was just brutal to watch.